M-Files: Take your Digital Client Experience to the Next Level

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Dauer: 59 min

A Smarter Way to Work - Internally and with Clients & Partners


You may have heard the exciting news that M-Files has acquired Hubshare Solutions. Hubshare is a complete Digital Client Experience and Collaborative Workspace Solution that enables optimal collaboration and productivity by providing users and external parties with a branded and customizable client portal platform that is tailored for individual client needs.

As an M-Files customer, your employees are already benefiting from a smarter way to work, with a streamlined internal document management process. Now, with Hubshare, you can extend these benefits to clients and partners, with the ability to share key information such as documents, people, processes, discussions and more, via a branded portal that is designed to provide a best-in-class external user experience. That information remains safely managed in M-Files, removing the need for duplicate versions.

You'll benefit from:

Increased Productivity: Less time spent chasing client documentation, leading to increased employee productivity

Competitive Edge: The ability to provide a fast and accurate digital service to your clients, helping you deliver an optimal service and gain a competitive edge

Mitigate Risk: A secure way to share and collaborate on information with clients, mitigating risk and increasing client trust

Best-In-Class Client Experiences: A uniquely branded and personalized virtual workspace in which to communicate with clients, allowing you to provide a tailored client collaboration experience

Watch this webinar to learn more about the benefits Hubshare can offer your organization; see the product in action via a demonstration and hear how you can quickly take advantage of Hubshare.


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